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Make Every Estate Sale Client Want You:  12 Strategies To Attract Clients

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Make Every Estate Sale Client Want You
There are 12 strategies to attract event planning clients with simple, step-by-step Instructions that the pros use. 
Make Every Estate Sale Client Want You
Cool thing is, I've started using these strategies to get estate sale clients. 
Here's why they work: 
- How to attract your perfect client
- How to impress clients when you meet them
- How to say no to people you don’t want to work with
- How to get hired for the event
- Is starting an event business right for you?
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Make Every Estate Sale Client Want You


Update 7/14/16:  Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success eBook Download Has Moved

Due to technical issues, both of my estate sale ebooks were moved to a new web site. Follow this link to purchase Secret Of Estate Sales Marketing Success and Estate Sale Contracts Kit  

You can still get a FREE estate sale contract by clicking the navigation link above.

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In a recent message from, they stated they've actually never had a price increase on their monthly fees, even though the value of their service has increased tremendously over the last 14 years.

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Current customers can keep the price of the package they are currently on. Love this!

New customers, along with any package changes for current customers, would go to the new pricing: $149 for Gold, $99 for Silver, and $25 for Bronze. Details here:

EstateSaleServiceAtlanta is on $79 per sale service plan, which saves us a ton.

These guys are so great to do business with they even offered us this:  

If you want to upgrade to any of our monthly packages, you can upgrade at the old pricing ($100 for Gold, $50 for Silver, or $10 for Bronze) as long as it is done prior to April 1st.

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Write For Us:  Get Rewarded With A Back Link

Write for because you are "right" for it, and your web site will receive an important back link. Articles must be relevant to the estate sale / estate liquidation industry. Our membership is growing, so I am motivated to share this platform with MEMBERS ONLY! Articles are subject to my editorial review for grammatical errors, and posted on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in sharing your estate sale knowledge to increase your traffic, start sending those articles to Estate Sale Service Atlanta. 


EstateSales.NET Leads Management System

More sales means more money in your pocket! Every month we have hundreds of thousands of unique individuals viewing our company pages. Turning these individuals into sales is our number one goal for your company! The EstateSales.NET leads management system bridges the gap between the prospective client and estate sale company. Making it even easier to gain new business.

How it works

We gather the prospective client's sale and contact information.

  • You are notified about the potential lead. Depending on your package, you can specify to have notifications sent to you via SMS text, instant email, and/or a daily summary email.
  • You contact the leads that you think will best fit your company.
  • Claim your sale once you have a signed contract.

How are leads sent?

Leads are sent to companies based on package type - Gold, Silver, and Bronze - and the metro area in which they're located. Gold companies receive notification right away, Silver companies receive notification a day or so later, and Bronze companies receive notification a bit later than that. How leads are sent depends on the number of companies in a given metro area.

Tonza's Note:  Estate sale leads management is not new. I think that estate sale companies and managers should be responsible for finding their own leads, which can be done effectively through advertisement, promotion, and potential client assessment, which would eliminate the middle man and additional expenses, which also means more money in your pockets. As estate sale leaders, these are decisions that we have to make. What if your estate sale company is not selected for a top lead? Would they continue to refer your company if you decline leads? I am interested in hearing what you think. Send me a comment.

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Tutorial:  If Your Word is Your Bond, Why Do You Need an Estate Sale Contract?

More often than not, estate sellers whether professional or beginner, do not think they need an estate sale agreement or contract. Maybe they?re thinking about the days when all you needed to seal a deal was a firm handshake or an oral agreement?a man?s word is his bond. [Continue reading...]